12 December 2009

the Tree is Up!

This is what we saw when we drove up to the Christbaum Center.

Keane went to see if he could get a closer look at the humongous hot air Santa, yep, you can read between the lines there. Acres of trees!

Lifting up his hand like "Santa". He copies everything. Everything.

My fabulous boy.

Checking out the tree. He had to see if every branch was firmly attached by shaking the life out of it, not to mention the ornaments. All the while the broken record was ringing in the background, "Keane, be gentle, be gentle."

This is his ornament for the year. He received it from an older couple in Italy. I wish people would just randomly give me gifts- guess I don't fit the cuteness criteria.

So, the tree is up. Yeah! I really do like decorating for Christmas.

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