17 December 2009

Cookies, Rain Boots and a Lot 'o Fun

As I'm typing this, I'm noticing that the pics seem to be newspaper quality. Is that a blogger thing? Anyway, I'm done baking cookies! and Keane is done being Mama's little helper.

Most of his charge ended up in his mouth anyway.

I have loads and loads now. This means it was okay that John surprised me with an office Christmas party that I'm suppose to bake something for. "No problem honey cakes! Sampler plate for you!"

Flattening out the table like a pro.

We were given a pair of rain boots that are too big for Keane, but he loves putting them on (having me put them on for him). Quite an outfit, huh? He says "AousI?" translated, "Outside?"

Keane and I are headed to CA to visit the family. My mom is having Grandson withdrawals. We'll be leaving next month and be there a couple of weeks. I have visions of Old Navy and Kohls dancing in my head.

The Cookie Exchange is this Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it. Sometimes when I commit to something like this my whole perspective is clouded by "house cleaning", but I cleaned the bathrooms yesterday for Bible Study, I'll mop floors today, and on Sat. I'll do a once over for good measure, but it's the food that's important.....and the fellowship. :) See you there!

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