24 November 2009

Twitter Update

Twitter is pretty frustrating and losing it's charm in less than a week. 3 Days I think? It's full of people who want to sell stuff and/or keep a one sided relationship, i.e. famous people throwing bones at an admiring public. That so gets old. "Nelly, I could care less what your hairstyle is going to be at the AMAs." To be fair, even she thought it was funny. However, please don't remind me that the rich are getting richer, the poor, yet poorer, and all the rich have to think about is how they are going to wear their hair.

I did get a response from David Crowder Band (about the CD they signed for me). There seem to be a few out there who would like to let their fans know they are grateful, however, this is not the place where you keep up already established relationships. It was interesting to see what goes on in the mind of Mac Powell or Jamie Oliver, but it's still like watching t.v., only it's script. I'm so glad to learn Mac watches football.....next?

The other thing about twitter, for those of us that are pretty conservative is the trash you can come up with. I searched for the topic "housewife" thinking I may find some like minded gals, but that would be the case if I was looking for porn. Who knew?

So those are some of the things that I'm learning about twitter. The relationship started out great, but is quickly taking a nose dive.....

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Karis said...

You are so funny! I have never Twittered, but I've heard enough about it to smile at your report.

I think it's great you're sticking with your Facebook fast. What a big decision. I don't do Facebook myself, but I find myself logging in to my husbands account to keep up a little with his (our) friends more than I would like to admit. Which is exactly why I never did anything with my account after I signed up for Facebook forever ago. Ah.... the choices we make each day. (Like me reading blogs right now when I have lots I could be doing. Okay, I'm going).