30 November 2009

Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza

The countdown has begun. On Saturday I went to an Advent Tea. That was fun. Lots of German cakes (always good). It's held four weeks before Christmas. Inside this advent calendar we put some verses to read every day of the countdown.

I decorated yesterday and Keane investigated all the decorations. He really liked this one, and made animal sounds (the same one for sheep, cow, camel) "grrrrawwwww!"

Lovin' on his Christmas Paddington Bear, apparently Paddington was cold.

The final Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza in honor of the Germans crea-foo-ty. They will put anything on a pizza.

I first made the dough, obviously, then I sprinkled garlic powder over the whole thing, spread a layer of gravy and dolloped cranberry sauce like so (above). This is where I should have put splashes of Tabasco sauce (that's what was missing in the finished product).

Green beans for color (really), sliced onions, turkey, dollops of mashed potato (yes) and a very little bit of mozzarella. Salt and pepper to taste. I baked it closer to the top of the oven than I usually do and the potato even got a little crisp and brown (yum).

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