28 November 2009

Friends and Food

...a good combination!

I was planning this huge dinner and then my thoughts fell on the unfortunate circumstance that we would be celebrating American Thanksgiving alone. So, on a whim, I invited our neighbors downstairs to join us in the feast. Germans don't normally do impromptu, but they accepted! We had a great time. They came bearing gifts as well. I got a Poinsettia (awesome) and they brought Keane a little train set. He played with it all morning. John was amazed.

Below is a picture of Keane and David chillin' last night. Keane is into animation, David, not so much.

Thanks guys for coming over, and for the unexpected gifts. Really nice of you. Oh and we finished the new Christmas song. The Byron kids were real troopers. Hannah Byron is the soloist at the beginning. You'll find the song in the Box File under Kid's Songs, "A Child or a King?" Let me know if you guys can't hear it.

1 comment:

Kara said...

My boys LOVE Robin Hood! And those train tracks! He could hang out with us anytime.