10 November 2009

Buttermilkin' It for All it's Worth

Don't you just love it when you pick up something in the grocery store, thinking that it's, let say oh, Strawberry Yoghurt, just to get home and find out that it's Strawberry Buttermilk. What in the world? Who ever heard of such an animal? Maybe this happens to me more often because I live in a foreign country.

So here I am with a 1/2 liter of Strawberry Buttermilk about to invent a new dessert. Strawberry Buttermilk Brownies. I've taken a regular Chocolate Buttermilk Brownie Recipe and substituted the Strawberry Buttermilk for the regular Buttermilk. I'm a little scared that the Strawberry is not going to be strawberry-ish enough so that the taster is left with an odd taste in their mouth that is close to unidentifiable, but definitely not chocolate.

I'll tell you how it goes.

Update: As I suspected, though it is an excellent brownie, the strawberry flavor is too subtle to be recognized, it tastes kind of like those hot chocolates with fruit flavoring. I'm fine with subtle, when something is SUPPOSE to be illusive, wine, cheeses, even German beer, not chocolate brownies. I guess it comes down to this. I can't legitimately tell someone, "Hey, that's a Strawberry Buttermilk Brownie you're eating." They would be like, "What?" (Insert Panda from Kung Fu Panda look). The Germans at John's foosball tourney will love it, though. Germans do that all the time with their sweets.....add unsuspecting and unexpected fruit.

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