15 October 2009

It's Fall Again

...and frigid. sheesh. I'm waiting for the north pole to change location to Nuthole (Nussloch).

Did a little decorating,....

did a little pumpkin shopping (after a fiasco on the farm roads of Schathausen),....

did a little doggie petting (harassing),

and a little costume making.

After a lot of hemming and hawing and buying a winter bag too small for my palm tree, I decided that A- Mac (the palm tree) is coming inside for the winter and B- Keane is going to be a knight for Halloween (Reformation Day) instead of a scarecrow. My mind went as far as the hay and then hit a STOP sign.

So- all I had to pay for was the bag. I'll add strumphosen (German tights for boys and girls), burglar's sock (don't know what they are called), dark sweat shirt, belt and a cardboard/aluminum foil sword= knight, good to go. He doesn't care, why go crazy?

1 comment:

Amanda Irene said...

Aww he is just getting cuter... ehm more handsome every day!