10 October 2009

Happy Birthday Amachy and We're Back!

It was John's mom's 65th birthday yesterday! We hope she has many many more.

We drove 8 hours to get home. Keane did really well. We decided to leave a little early because the weather was bad enough not to stick around in Italy and it's nice that John has a couple of days to recuperate. We didn't really have an all out exciting time. In fact, you world travelers out there would have been pretty frustrated with how low key it was.

On the beach our campground had access to.

Lake Idro. We took a day trip, not knowing what to expect. It was a smaller lake than Lake Garda, but we appreciated it and would come back. It had it's own little surfer culture, wind surfing that is. We just sat and watched all the surfers. It looked like a lot of fun. It also looked like it took a lot of arm strength.

Keane found a fresh water fountain.

One of the things we aspire to do someday is shrink wrap our own belongings to our camper- which we don't have yet. I wonder if it really keeps the perpetrators out.

Hippie pods. I really wanted to get an inside look, but I couldn't muster up the courage to ask one of the staff members for a look into their abode.

More shrink wrapage. Beautiful.

Keane's room.

Our abode.

Our car went cap-put so we didn't even get to go to Venice. Ahh well, we relaxed and then we relaxed some more. I did learn a couple of things that I've already notified my Facebook friends about. The violin was invented in Salo, Italy. We found that out as we were walking the promenade. We saw this statue and John was like, "Hey, that guy invented the violin here." I responded with, "hmmm, that's cool." Next...


We also found out that you don't stop in for a hamburger at Micky D's in Switzerland unless you want to be out 25 clams for the endeavor. Last, but not least, we found out after we had eaten several meals at our campground that Gaia ketchup takes first place, even over Heinz.

Experiencing bubbles for the first time

John said that Keane really matured on this trip. He shook hands with everyone and made lots of friends.

This is part of the campground where we stayed in Toscalano/Moderno. It use to be a Cloister.

On our way to dinner.

Simione. Nice little town in the middle of Lake Garda on the end of a peninsula.

Keane experiencing daffodils for the first time.

yeah! throwing rocks!

Check out my cousin Molly's blog.


Mrs.Mike.P said...

Wow! What an awesome vacation!! Did you know Mike's family is from the Ticino? He has relatives in Lugano and Bellinzona and Cugnasco. Some are scattered throughout Switzerland to Bern and Basle, but most have stayed in the Ticino. Did you drive through Ticino coming and going to Lake Garda? It is our dream to travel that area someday...

Mrs.Mike.P said...

I love your photos! What an awesome vacation! Did you know that Mike's family is from the Ticino? They are all around Lago Maggiore in the towns of Lugano, Cugnasco and Bellinzona. Some have moved to Bern and Basle, but other than us being in CA, most all are still in the Ticino. It is our dream to visit that area someday. You must have driven through going and coming to Lago Garda, eh?

Suey said...

I like your post and pictures... just had to mention that those are not daffodils... they are dandelions. lol And yeah, Keane is getting so big!

Wild Ghese said...

oh- you're right


Amanda Irene said...

Love the pods. Next itme I'll go I'll talk to anyone about anything. heheh. Okay maybe you should leave me at home. I get into trouble. : )

I wish it was still summer and I could go camping!