31 October 2009

Fun at Lighthouse Baptist Church

This is a church where John and I occasionally visit. We attended there while our Pastor was in the States. The Pilalas' are the nicest couple. Very down to earth.

Anyway, I enjoy Christian fellowship so much, especially when holidays or events have the potential to be scary and dangerous and totally not God honoring. The last thing I want my kid to see is someone dressed like Marilyn Manson or the like, sorry, that guy gives me the creeps, and my 2 year old doesn't need to know about him right now. He'll know soon enough. I guess that is why parents take the little guys trick or treating early. I don't have that liberty here.

For Halloween (or Reformation Day) I took Keane to Lighthouse where they were doing something special for kids. I love to watch Keane interact with people and my heart is happy when that interaction is honoring to the Lord. Thank You Pilalases for a great time this evening.

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