10 September 2009

Surveying the Property

Things have been slow moving, but God is in control. Here are just a couple of pictures of John chatting it up with the surveyor. Hopefully we'll start building soon!

There has been a lot of bru-ha ha concerning the details, like a 3,000 something charge we didn't know about. Yeah, we're challenging that one. So pray that we can get a built in ventilating system because they misinformed us as to which house it came with as part of the cost. We don't NEED it, we certainly are not going to pay for it above the price they gave us, but it gets hotter than you might think here.

Anyway, here's looking ahead to what God will do. I've been pricing furniture at IKEA because that is pretty much all we can afford and trying to maintain the idea that this is temporary so let it fly if reality is not what I had anticipated. Well, my son is throwing things in the other room, better go get him.


Amanda Irene said...

Look there is a stake in the ground! Its progress. Don't forget about your ability to resell your home if its just temporary. With God in your house I know all will work according to his plan. Sounds like you will have to be diligent about the $$ and facts. It can be a stressful thing...building a house. Keep me posted. : )

Wild Ghese said...

in Germany, they control inflation by taxing the fire out of you if you sell your house within 10 years after buying it- (people should really rethink the idea of living in a socialist state). Anyway, the only way we could get out of that is by moving out of the country....India perhaps???