19 September 2009

A Recipe to Share

One of the highlights while we were in the States and probably not very advantageous to our well being was our access to satellite and T.V.. We choose not to have one at home for good reason. I gained access to great shows like Good Eats and Rachel Ray and paid the consequence in becoming addicted to American Idol. Well, not this season! Whew! ;-)

Above is homemade Potato Gnocchi made with a combination of wheat and white flour. I wasn't much to look at, but the taste was fantastic.

I picked up this recipe while watching Rachel Ray. I've made it more times than I care to count and I only just got it this year, so is that worth passing along or what? I used ground beef. Enjoy!

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Amanda Irene said...

love rachel! Before the tv signal went digital and we had some antenna tv and could watch the news rachel would come on with tips of the day. Love those. One of my favorites is to use rubberbands on the arms of your hangers so the shirts don't fall off. Love her food!