13 August 2009

What has the Keane Bean been up to?

First, homemade play dough. I know this is crazy, but I started a clay movie yesterday (it's really easy with the MAC) to teach Keane Bible doctrines. We'll see, I have to show John what I came up with and do it on a better back ground and get proper lighting and a tri-pod, etc. etc. Might be more than I bargained for. Yet, on the other hand, I don't have to do every thing at once, do I?

So, I thought I was being brilliant when I brought Keane's ball to the park, because we always forget and he goes after the first ball he sees, no matter who it belongs to, or whether or not they are willing to share. In the picture above, the mom was involved, so she made her little girl share with Keane- it worked out.

In this picture, the boy was practicing his kicking and didn't want to take the time for Keane to go pick up the ball, but they were tolerant for a little while. There is his ball right next to him. I don't know how many times I tried to distract him with it, to no avail.

The last kid who had a ball was pretty much a brat, and his mom didn't do anything about it. Every party has it's pooper. I really have to keep my emotions under control at these junctures. "Why exactly can't you share with a 1 and a half year old? I know you're not obligated, but seriously." That ranks right up there with my son walking up to somebody and waving at them and they respond with walking away. This is the moment I would like to punch that person, drag them back to their previous position, point to my son and say "Can you please wave back, it's a common courtesy." "At least give the impression this world is still full of nice people." Oh, and these ARE people that saw him wave. I don't get those feelings very often, and I am being quite open (hope you're not offended). Maybe I'm the only crazy mother in the world, but I doubt that. Praise the Lord, I don't act on these feelings, and I am reminded that hurting people hurt others. It's looking beyond rudeness that is a true virtue, even when my son is the recipient. He certainly hasn't seen the worst of it.


Kara said...

When Adam was smaller he would stand at our fence and yell at the next door neighbor, " HI! HI! HI!" until he was acknowledged. These people are really introverted, so sometimes he would have to say HI for a really long time. I know how you feel.

Kelly Glupker said...

I totally understand your frustrations. I get annoyed when other kids take away Owen's toys and refuse to share his own toys with him! (In these cases these are with people we know). The mom's either sit there or if they do speak up their kid ignores them and Owen's left toyless. It's realllly annoying to me! I also hate it when other kids push Owen and their parent doesn't do anything. I don't want Owen to grow up being a wimp but I also don't want him being bullied.

Wild Ghese said...
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Wild Ghese said...
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Wild Ghese said...

yep, know what you mean, Kelly. It's a great time to pray for a friend that he will have common beliefs and kinship with. It might also be a learning opportunity for him to not hold on to things too closely.
sometimes mothers wait (especially if they have multiples) for a kid to squawk before they do anything, because they can't be everywhere at once, and that's the system they've developed for problem solving. so that might be the reason why they don't do anything. I guess it's a lesson to us to teach our kids not to covet and take, no matter how many we have, no matter how tiresome. I often think what kind of mom I would be with a lot of kids- I'm sure I would really struggle w/ consistency- there's no use pointing fingers

Wild Ghese said...

still, I know what you mean- urghhhhh!