27 August 2009

In Memory of Adalia

Stillborn baby to Dale and Megan Bischof.

I passed through the garden just after a storm;

To pick a flower for brightness and warmth.

The smell of the flower cascaded to surround me,

I was sure that it's beauty would suitably fit me.

I bent to the ground to tenderly touch it,

but just at the moment my fingers reached to pluck it,

I heard a faint step and a gentle, kind, whisper,

“I have better plans for that dear little flower.”

I turned to see the tender eyes of the Gardener.

I felt my back straighten and my grip get tighter.

“You don't understand,” I attempted a response,

“this flower would smell much sweeter if I kept it close.”

I looked up to see eyes filled with tears simultaneous to mine.

And for the first time I noticed the garden's design.

Never such beauty or perfection over flowing;

To think that this flower had a home with such glory.

I looked down at the flower and struggled to loose my grip.

Shaken with sorrow, I asked the Great Gardener for help.

“I've already helped you,” He said “I've guided your eyes-

To look forward to eternity, where your flower resides.”


Katie Barker said...

So touching, beautiful, and thoughtful.

party of eight said...

that is beautiful and it made me cry.