03 August 2009

Happenings Happenings Happenings

We cleaned our carpets yesterday. Woo hoo! my feet were feeling so grimy just walking around. We haven't cleaned them in the 3 years we've been here. Yikes! Well, it's done now. They are short haired carpets and not worth putting in the new house, so it will be, "so long carpets!" when we move. We camped in the living room and watched a Bourne movie (I need a nap).

Keane slept in the hall. Funny story. I recommend that parents start early with quiet time, load the crib up with books, give your baby a snack and say "quiet time, read your stories". It's a good thing for us. I get a chance to read my Bible and he learns how to be still and be quiet. Anyway, last night he was in his crib with his sippy cup of milk and a story, slowing down for the night. I wish I got a picture. He had his book in his lap like a newspaper and the cup in one of his little hands. He would take a gulp and look at the picture, take a gulp (off to the side, mind you), look at the picture. Hilarious. Maybe I should have given him a cup of coffee?........:)

John did a great job.

The office was the worst. We have a "no food" on the carpet rule now, effective immediately.

This is Keane's favorite "lovey", "Puff Puff". It's the only guy around here that allow Keane to bite him at his leisure, they're good friends. He walks around with Puff Puff on his shoulder and leans his head on him.

My cousin Debbie and her family are here in Germany and we got to meet them in Bacharach. Great times. She has great mommy instincts and Keane took to her right away.

Cody and Courtney are getting so big! Cody is already driving. Amazing.

It's exciting to see all these new babies coming up, or popping out, as it were, and hearing about weddings and seeing the pictures. I love summer!!!!!!!!! Ever since working at Ironwood, it's been my favorite season. Maybe I liked it before, because we were one of the "lucky" families with a swimming pool, and I grew up in a hot town during the summer. I was always having friends over to swim. I have pretty happy memories of swimming and tea parties (that is a whole other story). Every girl should have a tea set, bottom line. That's neither here nor there.

Anyway, John is doing some last minute details with the house. Looks like we'll start building in September. The plans have to be sent to Berlin (Germany is the land of bureaucracy) and then they have to go to the city where we are building, etc. Right now we are trying to decide if we should get a gas stove or do a dual electric/gas thing. Decisions. Decisions.

Nap time for me, yesterday was nuts. I started putting the house back together, but there is still more to do. You can't just put everything back, you have to clean everything before you put it back. At least you do if you're me. Take the poll on the right. The next poll will ask the question, "what is your pain tolerance level?"

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