17 June 2009

What's Keane Up to?

Pretty soon I'm going to run out of titles for updates on Keane. What am I going to do with another kid?....not an announcement, but we would covet your prayers concerning that subject. In the above photo I've taken to writing down all the words that Keane is saying (I know, it can't last forever). We will most likely send Keane to a German school (we are looking at an international school, yes, you have to look this early here). So, it's up to me to teach him how to read and to write in English. So, I point at the words, he more or less says "dis dis" and reaches for the cards while he repeats what I'm reading. No, I'm not into the look-say method, but it's a little early for phonics.

He has been snuggling lately with his blankets. One of the habits I have is putting one along side his face to put him down. Here he is doing another new thing, wearing it over his head.

His first Lollipop. In the video that follows, Keane is marching/dancing. I found a great Christian Kid's internet radio station. I put the widget in the margin. I haven't had a chance to listen to the stories, but if I were to create a station, it would be just like this one. Glad somebody else took the time to do it. They don't have any Christian radio stations here. I'm very grateful to people who organize stations via internet.


party of eight said...

what a great little dancer. how fun! he and malachi and amos would ahve the time of their lives together!

praying for the baby situation.

love you

marshan said...

oooo...what the radio station??