03 June 2009

Updates Galore

Okay, this is backwards, chronologically speaking. Last weekend we went to one of my favorite places, Rhein Valley. This is a view from a house overlooking the Rhein. It was a house built for a movie, I think a series, but I forgot which one....

...cute house though.

So, I guess maybe it was two houses.

More of the view.

Traditional self portrait.

This one is from the hotel where we stayed, right on the Rhein. I'm looking down at Keane who was with John and my mom. I was in our room, they were in her's, on the terrace, rather. Two years ago, when I was pregnant with Keane, my mom lost her purse on the train in this town, so..... long story short, we had to find a room late at night, and this is the hotel where we stayed. John made the reservations for us this time, without knowing that, or recalling that. We got to reminisce with the owner. Good times.

Keane on the slide, that was on the tour boat. He soon learned to sit up.

Funny story. My mom was taking Keane to the castle in Heidelberg and she was swarmed by Indians (dot, not the feathers- thanks Danae) who, I guess, knew Keane was half Indian. Anyway, mom thought he was going to be kidnapped right in front of her. They picked him up and kissed him and passed him around to the next one to kiss him and pass him around some more. My mom was freaking out, of course she is not use to that. I got use to it in India. She said that Keane did fine for awhile, but when he was done, he was DONE.

We got all the way up to the Rhein valley and my mom said she recognized some Indians from the castle incident. She said that when they were all around the slide, Keane wanted nothing to do with the hugging and the kissing again.

Out to lunch in the Pfalz.

Checking out tractors, while the rest of the family wine tasted.

John with the architects and also the representative of the house company on the far right.

There Gearhart is with John, he is such a nice man. It was a LONG day with the architect. They had food out for us and drinks, and more importantly, coffee. We went over a lot of things like window size and shower size, and where the sinks should go, til I was pretty whipped and tired of the color of doors or door handles, or whether glass should be see-through or not. I'm glad it's done.

We are in process of finding a kitchen within our price range. That is definitely a prayer request.

Last update. Keane is saying more words like "peese"=please "dis"=this "dat"= that
He also called me "Ara"=Sara= not good "no" "nein"= no= not good at all
"djuce"- juice "des"- yes "byeee"=bye "hieee"=hi
That's all I can remember right now.

I just want to praise my Lord, because I don't do it nearly enough. I hope that sometime today or this week you think of the sacrifice He made on our behalf and how we have a home in heaven where we don't have to give preferences about door handles, or any such thing, but where we can praise Him, uninhibited for eternity. God is GOOD.


Amanda Irene said...

all the hugs and kisses was really sweet and I would have had a cow too. gesh! costums are so different..stand close not to close don't look me in the eye look at me unless you are a women....

The river pics are dreamy! I am totally jealouse you are building a new house!

Kara said...

YES! Won't heaven be awesome!!!
You are so so busy, I can't wait to see when the actual building starts!