21 June 2009

To the Man.....

who gets up before everyone else to spend time with God.
who makes his wife chai EVERY morning.
who faithfully goes to work every day to provide for his family.
who comes home after a long day and plays "ball" with his 1.5 year old.
who is the apple of his son's eye.
who never complains about changing diapers, or being the official "butt sniffer".
who is nice and kind even when his wife is not.
who is the best (funniest) dancer ever.
who doesn't mind cleaning up dinner when his wife is exhausted or preoccupied.
who would rather invest in his family than climb the corporate ladder.
who would honor God with his life more than anything else.
who does not care what people think, only what God thinks.
who is the best dad any family could have.


Next year, April 2nd, will be John's 40th birthday. Please make plans to come celebrate with us. We will, hopefully, be in our new house, so there will be more room to accommodate. We will have just paid for a house, so it won't be extravagant, but we'll definitely have fun.


party of eight said...

happy fathers day john. what a beautiful post sara.

Suey said...

That's very exciting! And you do have a wonderful husband. And you're a great mate for him too. I know it's true!