25 June 2009

Tid Bits

Things are going well with the new church. We're still small, two families and wandering singles. We are praising the Lord for Cristian's decisions and his upcoming wedding in CA. He'll be leaving (he has already left) us and moving there with his wife. We have a guy from India, Denny, who has been attending. He is here on a 2-3 month business trip for SAP. It will be great to have him while we can. Last night we spent the entire time praying and then sang Christmas songs (woo hooo, Christmas in the summer). For dessert I served this cake. Oh, please try it, it's out of this world!

Tomorrow, Lord willing (I got lost coming and going last week). I'll be taking Keane to the Kleinkindertreff at "Happy Kids". Keane had a blast last week. Hope some friends can join me (wink wink).

I made some enchiladas (rare at our house) out of leftover meat (pork and chicken). This is Keane's take on them. Yeah, he needed a bath.

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Amanda Irene said...

anything with cornmeal!