10 June 2009

Praise and Prayer Request

First the prayer request. My little lovey, affectionately called Schming-a-ling, had diarrhea last night. He's tired, his mama is tired and we are still battling it. He IS eating and drinking, and his breathing is normal. He is energetic as usual, but he won't let me take his pulse. SO, please pray for Keane. I will journey to the Apotheke and try to communicate the situation to the clerks. This is when the language barrier is frustrating.

Praise!!! All signs tell us that we will not have to pay 2,500 extra to change the shape of our roof. (What nonsense.) Both John and I have this feeling it is all going to move pretty quickly. I figure I better get my Pastor's daughter to come over a couple of times and watch Keane while I clean things out. There are a WHOLE lot of baby clothes I have to go through. Anybody need any baby boy clothes? Of course, you need to be in Germany.


Kelly Glupker said...

Hope he feels better soon. His little bottom is adorable even if it is making you work extra hard these days. :)

Mother Superior said...

Giving him lots of pro-biotics is great for any intestinal issue. You can cut open the capsules and sprinkle them on yogurt or other food.