30 June 2009

Keane's New Sandbox

Here's the story. I saw this "boat" at a place, in Germany, called "BabyOne". Anyway, I picked one up on my next trip, for the summer. Keane and I are getting into a routine, and afternoon "outside time" is part of it. So, I pick up this boat and John tells me there's a lid to it, as indicated in German on the inside. I go back down to "BabyOne", not a hop away, and request the "lid". What do I get for a lid? Another boat....whatever, dudes.

So, now, Keane has a sandbox and a swimming pool. Spoiled little guy.

Oh well, that works. I'll be able to use these boats in a game I want to play in our "India Backwaters Tour" (all day event for grammer schoolers). Pray for that.

Mom, I don't know why he has his binky in. He just grabs it now, and puts it in. Yeah, we have to start bitting that in the bud. Do you see that all the weeds are gone? You pretty much obliterated them McGhie style. They are fighters though, and I have to do it again.


party of eight said...

nice sandbox and pool, how fun. we tried a few little pools in summers past, and they all got stolen, this summer i am just taking the kids to the neighborhood kitty pools. and my kids LOVE sand boxes, and i am NOT a fan... they are impossible to get out of the hair, especially when i have spent hours braiding and greasing... bohoo, right?

so where do the weeds grow? your deck is soo cool.

Wild Ghese said...

in between the pavers. anNOYing. you have to get out this little scraper if you're going to do it old skool, and it's back breaking, not to mention having the weeds grow back in two seconds.

oooo..... I don't have those sand issues, but he doesn't really get into it too much yet. I'm hoping this Sat. will turn things around.