15 June 2009

Is there a Brave Woman Out There?

I got the picture from the blog Western Defense- not sure what that blog is about, just like the picture.

For a long time I was single. I know this sounds strange to those who are desperate to get married, but there are A LOT of benefits to being single. A lot more than you might think. For one thing, when I was single, I just had to make decisions for myself, I could pack up and move someplace else, just because I wanted to. I just had me to feed, me to think about, me to worry about.

All that to say, life is different when you are married. You CAN'T just pack up and leave at your whim, your family comes first. The Bible talks about this, not in a lot of detail so it seems not hyperly (new word) important, but wow, what an impact marriage makes on your WHOLE life.

My Pastor and his family just got back from a vacation in Italy. One of the things that shocked them and me, as they were describing the scene to me, was the prostitution. How I wish there was a Christian woman out there with gusto, willing to reach these hopeless women with the gospel, and face, possibly, an angry Pimp or two. Slowly, but surely. Sensitively, but direct.

Teresa, my Pastor's wife, with a sad look in her eye, compelled me to try to understand the hopelessness that would drive these women to that lifestyle. The loneliness that went along with it, and the unsure future and most likely, early death. All for what?

Is there anyone out there?

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Mark & Christine Nordstrom said...

Hi Sarah,

Voluntary prostitution is sad I agree! One would have to be real destitute and obviously not know our loving Heavenly Father. But worse, I think is involuntary prostitution! That is criminal!! I saw this movie "Taken" and it opened my eyes to a world I was not aware existed. It haunted me and caused me to pray for these young girls who are kidnapped and drugged and are lost forever. Torturous! I've been praying since I've seen that movie!

I also recommend any young girl traveling without adults to watch it and become aware of her environment before going off into the great adventure of traveling:)

Yes I agree we can do more with/for others when we are single. Being a mom is very demanding and will be very rewarding when they rise up and call you blessed:) Hang in there!

Taking the long view you, there is life after kids and your so much more mature to actually give back.
So enjoy your moments in the present and pray the Lord give you a burning desire for future ministry:) when you and hubby have the time to give back:)
The christian walk is a great adventure!