02 May 2009

Worked Over by the Lord

I just had to add a few terribly cute pictures of Keane, before I expound here.

I've been reading Jeremiah. I've recently had the revelation that when I read God's Word, I should learn something more about Him, instead of going at the Word like a "pie in the sky" cookbook. Just drum up a few spiritual thoughts and lay it back down- "okay, devotions are done." I'm not making a cake, I'm letting God "work me over" with Himself.

So, the thought is simple. God makes sense. The idea that everything will be clear when we get to heaven is not only true, but will be a relief. The only thing that I can relate it to is taking a test and not knowing (this happened to me, A LOT), which ones you got right. Okay, so you find out what you got wrong, but then you find out what the answers were- and it's even more gratifying when the answers make sense (I didn't always have the brain capacity to draw those conclusions).

I can totally relate to what the Israelites were doing. They were going to the temple like we sometimes go to church. There's a verse that says "This is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord." 7:4 Does that sound like a modern day worship song? It also sounds like "I go to Bob Jones, I go to Bob Jones, I go to Bob Jones." As if somehow, just by saying something over and over it is somehow spiritual. How about this, "I go to church, I go to Awana, I go to Youth Group?"

Come to find out, God is not impressed at all. He's like, "Hey, change the way you treat your neighbor, stop ostricizeing those that are different from you, take care of the needy around you, then we'll talk. Til then, your fate is clear to me, but you apparently can't see it." Ouch. It makes sense though. There aren't going to be people in heaven that were all talk and no show. By their fruit you will know them.


Deb said...

Thank you for that, Sara. We came to that profound revelation a couple of years ago. I told my husband just yesterday, "Where are the widows and fatherless in our lives, the poor and needy?" We need to find those people and minister to them. We realize that our neighbors can be these people and not always some distant foreign land or totally outside our circle of influence. The little boy next door had his mother taken away from him by the courts and his father past away. He comes over here all the time. I could say "Come back later, kid, I got a ministry to go do." or I could just minister to what God put right under my nose. And in my situation that is ideal considering I'm not out much. If every Christian just ministered thoroughly to their families and to their neighbors...whoa, what an impact that would be.

Wild Ghese said...

true true

Kara said...

Excellent post.

party of eight said...

i'm reading about the Israelites right now too.

and keane is so stinken cute. i love that little man. so cute trucking around with that thing.

Wild Ghese said...

hey- Janelle, I think your husband's thing on adoption was great. I had John read it. I'm trying to talk him into it. ;) I think it's a little harder for guys, but there is such a need in India.

Amanda Irene said...

so true!!!