21 May 2009

Our Property

....well, almost. We have to finalize on the 28th, but we got a notice that somebody else wanted it and they were informed that it was taken, so that would mean it's mostly ours.

(this is looking at it from the front)

(hmmm, this is sort of looking south-east from the property)

(looking directly south where Pastor's truck is parked)

(looking west to the little forested area)


You have to have a "before" picture. Keane was sleeping in the car. Sorry about my "glow in the dark" legs. Our house will, Lord willing, in six months, stand right behind us there. I guess it will take awhile to set things up, but they are looking at the first week of January for it being completed.

The Lord has really worked things out with the litigation. One of our goals was not to be "tied to it". I don't see how you can be honoring God when your whole life has to change to support a house, I mean, financially. If we could no longer give a decent tithe, or we weren't able to visit family, or we were driving 400 miles to get to work, we would have considered ourselves tied. God works things out beautifully if you wait on Him. I had to make a few sacrifices as far as "wants" were concerned, but we couldn't really ask for a better location. We are 15 minutes from church, John can hop on a bus that stops almost in front of our house and drops him off at the front steps of work in 15 minutes, as well. There is a nice farming community around as well as shopping conveniences and a train station five minutes away.

We are really praising the Lord about what He has worked out so far. I try to hold on to things loosely. You never know what a day is going to bring forth, right? I want to commit it all to His hands. He knows better how He wants to use this place.

So, here we go, we are looking forward to a six hour meeting with the architect.


party of eight said...

wow, sara, the property is amazingly beautiful! i am so excited for you guys and i can't wait til january when you can move in! wow, how fun! that is really exciting news!

Lauren said...

Congrats! That's so fun! What town is it in?