29 April 2009

Quick Little Update on Keane

I've heard of kids crying when their mom runs the vacuum, well, not our Keane. He LOVES it. He chases me around the house with glee. Here he is trying to help me out, it was pretty cute.

Keane also loves things that are round. Stroller tires, wheels on the dishwasher racks, the wheels on the vacuum, his soccer ball, the list goes on. You can find him spinning wheels for a few minutes (hey, with the way this kid moves, a few minutes is like an eternity). He is always busy.

For the past week or so, Keane has been taking more steps. This is huge! We thought he would never walk. He getting more and more confident-- oh boy, I think I'm in for a little running myself.


Kara said...

My kids like the vacuum, too. Rachel (1st grade) just wrote on a paper in school that she likes to clean because she is just like her daddy. How embarrassing for me.

Wild Ghese said...

I'm sounding sort of horse and annoying in the video. makes me cringe.

don't worry about it- you know what you do- do it for the Lord!!! :) no one has to know. ;-)

party of eight said...

he is getting so huge. such a dolly too. my babies love the vacuum too.

love you !