09 April 2009

house hunting and getting sick

Yesterday was CRAZY! This was the line up- Keane ripped a book that was signed by the author, broke one of our favorite meal bowls, thwarted vacuuming every which way he could, and pulled out the "mint" from the toilet and shoved it in his mouth. Before you go and assume I'm out to lunch. I'll just go ahead and agree with you, because there is no other explanation for that kind of craziness. Obviously Keane has upped his game and I wasn't paying attention, also, I was sick. There was one point where I just knew I was going to kill him, so for his safety and my sanity, he went in the crib and finished watching me vacuum from the sidelines with his stuffed whatevers. (There he goes out the door with the camera case around him. )

We are officially house hunting. After looking at about two houses, I was done. Just tell me where you want me to move to, Lord, and drop it out of the sky, if you could ;). I have no interest in this "collecting data" business. We have to decide between having a company built house and buying an already built one. I've fallen in love with one that we don't have pictures of yet. It has a"HUGE" yard, compared to the others around here. It already has little sections for the garden. Anyway, I'm in love with it, but we have decided that where ever the Lord can use us most, is where we will be happier over all.

It would be nice to be near where the church is going to be, and since we'll be hosting the youth group that is another reason we want to be close to church and John's work. He knows. I try not to get worked up about every house that crosses our path. There is a lot to consider. God has challenged me with the depth of my commitment to Him.

The whole family is sick, so pray for us. John was the last to get it, and he came home from work today pretty ill. So, it's not a great way to spend Easter, but we'll be with good friends, the Byrons, hopefully. Keane got his first soccer ball today. It took precedence over his evening bottle. Usually he'll drop all charges for his warm milk, but tonight he couldn't keep his eyes off the green and white ball as I was escorting him to his room. I'll have to post some pictures, he's pretty wild about it.


Deb said...

I hear ya' Sara! This is the time that they (Keane!) will get into everything and keep your head spinning. So, it's also time for a little discipline, too. People think, "A 14 month old?" Yup. He needs to know that mommmy's things are mommy's and he's not allowed to touch (or destroy rather) them. A little swat on the hand and a firm no won't hurt him. Or maybe you are doing that and it's not working. Just be consistent no matter what you do. I hope you and the fam get to feeling better. I heard your kid songs at. Your audience (my kids) enjoyed them by dancing around the room. :) Thanks for taking the time to make them. Hope all goes well in finding your first home. I guess you guys are set on living in Germany. Yes, I would say that the Lord would have you be totally dependant on Him. Not so easy when we have our ways of doing things sometimes. It will all come together for His glory in your life. Take care!

Wild Ghese said...

when I was a camp counselor, I had a reputation for kind of being hard nosed. I'm not any different as a parent. John is the softy. I figure, there's a goal right? even when my campers didn't know all the rules to a game we were playing, it was my job to motivate them to do that one thing in the game, do it well (or fast as the case could have been) whether they understood or not. At the end of the game, if we won, it would click with the camper "that's what all my crazy counselor's urging was about", it was about the team- not herself.
We started "that"- discipline a long time ago. I do not buy this 14 months business. We are working on the finer things. He already walks passed the staircase he is NOT allowed to go down (it's deadly)- no baby gate, he steers clear of the stereo (the speakers could kill him), there are a few things on the coffee table he is not allowed to touch- for the most part he doesn't. It's the finer things, like "gentle"- when it comes to books. He is allowed to have paper books (it's just stuff anyway), the glass bowl was what he was eating from. I was in the kitchen (cleaning), I'm not sure exactly what happened, so I can't even say he deserved a swat- maybe he just wasn't paying attention. Toilets are a new mystery, he hasn't really been around, so we'll see. So glad you mentioned "it" won't kill him. Not only will it not kill him, but you'll save their life (and your sanity). He is so precious.

Amanda said...

How fun! I love house hunting! Yep I remember the kids chasing the vaccum and my 3yr old dumping an entire (the BIG one) bottle of sprinkles on her yogurt as I sat feeding my 2 month old. We've all been in the thick off it and I am glad you put him in his crib! Very sensable. Theres that piont where he is just not getting it and your about to lose your cool. Parenting in anger is a no no. (which I broke yesterday and...)
With my second child andrew we needed every lock and gate there was on the market! He was the 1 yr old who would not relent! We have a fireplace with a giant brick harth. I don't let the kids climb on it. When emma was 1 I would just pull her back and sit her down and say no; Andrew.....I could have done that for 2yrs and he still would not relent. He is 3 1/2 now and is finally getting it. Keep keeping on it gets better and easier.