27 April 2009

From this Morning

I was wondering about what to put up, after the health discussion. Doing my devotions and reading, I was reminded of the sorry state that I was in, when the Lord found me. Not a lot of you know this, but grade school was pretty tough for this kid (I think that's why I'm burdened for them).

Wayward and alone
suffering and ashamed
the long road had only been started
and the future didn't know my name
You traveled far to find me
You must have known I was here
far from love,
committed to fear

with the strength of ten thousand
you lifted my heart with grace
covered rejection with compassion
and looked upon my face

You looked upon my face
when you had the choice of many
You chose the broken
You chose the used
You chose the weakest
and caused my eyes to turn to you

The feet that once could barely walk
in one direction straight
have a light forever shown
on the path that I should take
the eyes barely dry
before my heart would break
has a hope in glory this world
can never take

if I have an once of credit
I give it all to You
if I have a chance to boast
I'll boast about You
if there is kindness to be done
I'll do it for You
there is a race to be run
I'll run it for You

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party of eight said...

beautiful sara,

love you