13 April 2009

Easter- good and bad

So, we've been pretty sick around here. John picked up the bug sometime last week, after I was on antibiotics for three days with it. Every doctor in Germany is on vacation apparently, so John has to suffer through it, med-less, poor guy. Keane has been more cranky than usual. We try to keep his temperature in check. When he saw his basket though, he went right for the plastic eggs and went "shake shake shake", with a big grin.

We had big plans to go to the Byrons for Easter dinner. I had made green jello, was preparing potatoes, and a green bean casserole (green spring, I guess). Saturday night both Keane and John decided sleep was overrated. Keane was hot and could not be consoled, John's throat hurt badly. Poor guy. I can handle some things, but I hate sore throats, and now there's a new one on the list, thanks to this last bout, cold sores. It's a good way to lose weight. I even have one (still) on the tip of my tongue. John and I were commenting last night, that we were getting a small taste of what Job went through with all these sores. Okay, very small.

Anywho, we did not make it to the Byrons. John and Keane didn't even go to church. I went because I like church, firstly, as a place of worship and fellowship, but secondly, because I had a boatload of fruit to depose of to the nearest unsuspecting fellow believer. More plans fell through this weekend than Obama's credit line.

My brother has a term he uses for the dollar now, he affectionately refers to them as "Obama bucks". We, hopefully, were joking about needing a wheel barrel full of them for Ben to pay for his lunch at the taco truck. Maybe it will never get to that point, maybe.

As promised there's a video of Keane playing with his new soccer ball. We hope that you had a Wonderful Easter remembering all that the Son of God did for you! Personally, I can't wait for him to come back. I don't want anymore sore throats. :)

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