27 March 2009

Safely Home

I have mentioned to a number of people how much I dislike flying. Now I feel my testimony might be tainted as I grasp John's hand in fear and hum Amazing Grace through the turbulence. God impressed upon my heart that if HE wanted me to arrive in Frankfurt safely, the plane wouldn't necessarily have to have wings at all, so not to worry about them getting blown off. The greatness of God puts a lot of things into perspective.

So, here we are, safely in Germany, with a lot of things to look forward to. The Lord changed my perspective on a lot of things. I've even, with the help of my Aunt Sandy, decided to start a healthier way of living, food wise. It makes sense to me that food should take a little time to prepare if it's healthy. So, among High Fructose Corn Syrup, and MSG (both are in Ranch dressing, BTW), we've also decided to throw out white flour. Little steps, little steps, I keep telling myself.

Anywho, what's the point of this post? It's to tell you that I've finally added the children's songs to the Box file. All you have to look for is Audio 1,2,3, and 4. Sorry, just four, but John and I hope to have our own little studio in the future, Lord willing that promotes a Joyful sound unto the Lord. There are no Christian radio stations, that I know of, in Germany.

I should add that I DID NOT play the guitar for the last song. That was brought to you courtesy of Pastor Robin Simmons.

Sorry, can't think of a picture to post here.

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Scotty and Lisa said...

Welcome back Sara! I appreciated your thoughts on God's work in your heart about living overseas. There are definite adjustments, as we both know, but God's grace is so much bigger than those things that scare/frustrate/confuse us! I'm glad you guys are sticking around for a while. Yes, Scotty is growing his hair out till our big trip home in June.