09 March 2009

L.A. and the Cat

New outfit from Grandma- yeah overalls! And the cat's back quarters. Keane has a love/hate relationship with the cat. He says "kidi" every time he sees her and "walks" over to pet her. Our big thing is "be gentle, Keane" and he tries, but he usually ends up hitting the cat instead of patting her. She, in turn, swats him with her claws, but is mostly pretty patient with him.

So, along with his excitement of seeing her, he also gets a worried whimper going, isn't that just like love?

Playing piano. What fun he had that day in his overalls!

Oh look! There he is again in his overalls, with his Great Grandpa in L.A. He sure gets around in those things, or his mom really likes them. As I recall, I was glad he didn't crap in those things. He did a huge job while we were in a restaurant and I didn't have diapers (I left them at the hotel). So he stank his way through the meal- it was nasty. Am I the only bad mother?

Here he is with Amanda Edmondson and Robin. We had a lot of fun with him. I have to get some pictures off the phone, but he got to play in the sand for the first time and ride a carousel with Robin. I get Ferris Wheel and the Carousel mixed up. Yesterday I came up with a doosie, I said "Carouswheel". I'm truly a confused individual. They also shared his first egg sandwich from Starbucks, and took turns throwing fits. Great fun!

So we have two weeks left in our trip and we still have a list of things to do. This week, we hope to go up to Redding to record some songs and visit. Tomorrow we are helping with a day club involving our church. Next week we'll do our last meals with friends and head to Ohio for a few days before we fly to Germany! I miss it, oddly enough.

Here are a few words Keane is saying "mama, da.....da, kiddi, eah (hello on the phone), byeeee (bye)" I think there are more, but I can't think of them. He is also getting pretty good at his basic signing skills, "please, more, finished". :)


Kelly Glupker said...

He is getting so big! The time sure does fly.

Wild Ghese said...

yes it does. big is an understatement. I'm gonna need a back brace if he doesn't start walking. ;)