13 February 2009


It's Forrest Gump....I mean Grandma!

Don't let your mind wander. We went a saw a musical and it wasn't a skanky X-rated thing like the name implies, but I still have mixed feelings about it, nonetheless. It was a twisted version of Wizard of Oz. I guess I'm just too old school and want the classics to be left alone. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Or in this case good is good, and Wicked is Wicked and leave it at that. However, it was VERY well done and the music was pretty good (I'm picky, I don't like my own stuff for that reason. It is very hard to be the sole composer and not have your stuff sound the same). The costumes were MArvelous, however, and I was so glad to see Carol Kane (Princess Bride) on stage. Afterward we had an excellent meal, Grandma's treat, on fisherman's warf, crab, lobster, and shrimp, with excellent veggies and clam chowder. Yummy!

Anywho- a few photos of us girls in S.F.

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