16 January 2009

We're in CA!

We started our State side trip on the east coast. We got to see Cathy Curley and her family. Wow! What a great family and Cathy is an excellent Mama. This is the L.L. Bean store above. Cool place. What blew me away was that it's open 24/7. Cathy told me of a guy who slept there once.

This is Cathy's sweet little girl, Sky.

We stayed, also, with John's cousin in Maine. Keane had a great time playing with the toys.

We finally made it to CA on Sunday and hit the ground running to get everything ready for Keane's 1st birthday. This is where Keane sleeps. Yep, it's the closet, but it works.

Keane's 1st haircut from Melissa Brown.

She did a great job.

Keane checking out his birthday presents.

We had a western themed birthday party. Cowboy, steer, rope (rock, paper, scissors).

Great times.

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