14 December 2008

Messiah and Christmas Markets

Just putting up a few more festive pictures. Not much going on. Next week I have to make about a billion cookies for a Cookie Exchange, so that's what's on the ta-Do list for next week.

Messiah was last night. I enjoy it, and I learn more of my part every year ;) This time I wasn't 8 months pregnant and feeling like I was going to faint. I just love this little suit of Keane's that he is going to grow out of in the next 10 minutes.

Friday night we went to the Christmas market. John was going to take me ice skating (I couldn't go last year because of the bowling ball in my stomach), but parking was so horrendous that we had to park in New Zealand. By the time we got to the Market, we were unmotivated and Keane was a little icicle.
He sure loved his pack though. He just loved being up high, he laughed and "talked" and carried on like I have never seen him.


Amanda said...

so kara comes up to me at church and says have you seen sara's bangs they look cute on her. I just gave kara a hair cut. I let her cut her own bangs. Shes right they are cute!

Wild Ghese said...

I was having a "I feel old" day and plus I was tired of the same 'ol same 'ol. Having a short attention span can be dangerous, am I right? lol, what a church topic.

Mother Superior said...

I love the dark hair color! Very chic!

Wild Ghese said...

can you believe I don't have any hair color? I don't know why it looks so dark.

Kara said...

Amanda and I blab about anything and everything at any spare time that we have. I liked you bangs so much I went upstairs and cut mine!