18 December 2008

It's Comin' on Christmas

We aren't sending out Christmas letters this year. We hope to send out a New Year's card sometime after Keane's birthday party. We definitely have things to write about, so that's not it.

My goofy boys.

Trying to set up a place for pictures. John thinking it's hilarious.

We are looking for a good home for Sugar and her kittens. One of the kittens is claimed, praise the Lord, however, we are leaving for the States and we would like not to give the burden to Miriam (our extended house sitter). She needs a nice "older" single lady who can spoil her. She is such a sweetheart.


Amanda said...

looks like keane is saying cheeesse in that first picture.

I thought he got his first hair cut for a minute there but it just looks like he's following the fashion with the side swept bang. Have you trimmed it at all? Gosh thats such a big step. He's getting so big. This was such a fun age with my kids.

I took Alona (2 1/2yr) into the mall and she kept pointing and yelling "their heads, where their heads" I guess the statues were freaking her out. :)

Wild Ghese said...

yeah, I was just trying to get the hair out of his face.
he is so much fun, when he is not cranky, or I'm not cranky. I'm not a very nice person when I've had no sleep. I have to work on that.
do you ever wonder if we are going to meet in person?

Amanda said...

Yes! Someday! I would meet you in california!

He'll never remember you were kranky. Thats whats get about kids their forgetful. hah!

Love the pictures of christmas morning!