12 December 2008

Done with the Quilt

It's Keane's quilt for when he goes to the "big boy" bed.

It's not the greatest job (I'm not fishing for compliments), but I hope to improve my skills.

A couple of Christmas Tree/Keane photos.

Keane's stocking that I made him. Looks like a "Who" stocking.


joydriven said...

great job on the quilt--you rock!

did you know that sock monkeys originated in rockford, il, where amanda and i currently reside? maybe the next time you're back in the states, you ought to bring keane to see the birthplace of sock monkeys, eh?

~joy m.

Jenny LaBo said...

The quilt is awesome....I am trying to learn quilting myself. I think it looks WONDERFUL.

Katie Barker said...

I like the quilt colors - very big boy :)

Kara said...

Adam is quickly outgrowing his toddler bed, I would love to have matching quilts (like the one you made) for him and Tommy on their big boy beds... someday. It takes me a year just to make a table runner these days.

Wild Ghese said...

joy- I should consider that. I did not know that. his great grandma gave that to him.

I learn something everyday.