23 December 2008


We are pretty excited in the Varghese household, but we also realize we are on the brink of a whole new learning curve. Now, all of the sudden, we have to set new limits like, the trash can, and decide if we really want Keane to investigate the toilet which he hasn't showed much interest in, thus far.

Keane is "crawling" more or less, by doing a drag, kneel, pull thing with his lower end. He is also pulling himself up to investigate things like, running water, or clear glass, or baskets he knows he is not suppose to get into. He tries to find a way around that rule by throwing his toys in the basket so that he can retrieve them with permission. Hasn't worked for him yet. Take a look at these videos.

On a Christmas note, Mama has introduced him to Christmas cartoons on You Tube. We don't have a TV (we don't want one either). Our computer works just fine when we want to watch movies, or John wants to keep up with sports, etc. We are looking forward to a little time with a satellite TV when we reach CA. I guess my parents just bought a huge flat screen number. Anywho, the other day we were watching Christmas cartoons and Keane leaned right up against me and watched with us. That's rare, usually he finds better things to do.


Deb said...

Keane's laughter in the bottom video made my day! Hope you have a great Christmas with your family, Sara. Any chance you'll be in the Pensacola area?

party of eight said...

keane is getting so big! i love him!

your house looks so beautiful!

merry christmas!

Kara said...

My Abby (2 yrs) is in awe of the laughing video! I wish you could see her face watching Keane!!

Teresa said...

Laughter IS the best medicine!
I'll have to tune in here to get my daily dose :)
God Bless you all,
Teresa S.

Anonymous said...

Laughter is good medicine.
I'll need to tune in here for my daily dose. Love that hearty laugh!
God bless you all :)