25 December 2008

Christmas Morning

This was the view this morning.

I never want to have another Christmas without a baby!!! So fun!

In my family we always opened gifts on Christmas Eve. Well, in the Varghese house it's different, probably because of the German influence. They don't even put up their trees until the night before, in fact you'll be hard pressed to find anyone selling a tree at the beginning of the month. We had to go out of town to get ours.

Anyway, last night I finished putting ribbons on all the hidden presents and put them under the tree after Keane was asleep and John was winding down. I shut the glass door to the living room and wouldn't even let John inside. This was the picture I took.

I'm so glad I did it this way, because of Keane's reaction. Who knows, maybe someday we'll do the tree thing too (less pine needles).

Still holding on to the last gift. He didn't quite get the "tear off the paper) thing.

Thanks Shrecs!

Sure, it rolls, but how does it taste?

Block shapes!

The Plumleys came over for Christmas breakfast. We made a Kerala stew, served with white bread and eggnog waffles for the not so eager.

Good Times. Merry Christmas!

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Suey said...

I LOVE this blog! I miss everything there- except maybe the landlord... okay, definately NOT the landlord! lol What a great Christmas morning photo and I love your tree pic! Christmas morning with kids is so magical! I'm glad your first with a baby went so wonderfully. Hugs to you all!!