13 November 2008

Whatz happanin'?

Well, bad news in our government. Doesn't really matter that I don't live in the U.S., because the same things are happening over here.

Other than that. John got 2nd place in the SAP Foosball Grand Tournament. That's pretty good, since there was 108 teams. Yeah John!

Keane is learning how to sign "please". He is suppose to rub his chest with his hand, but he ends up rubbing the table or waving- so right now waving and "please" are the same, we have to work on differentiation.

He is also pulling himself up a little bit. He was sitting next to the tub the other day whilst I was showering, and he pulled himself off his butt, so that he could look inside. He is over 20 pounds! He is in 18 months clothes and eats like his dad. He's huge. For the sake of my arms, I hope he walks soon. He is not quite sure about the concept of crawling, but scoots around on his bottom.

Here is the quilt I'm still working on. Made of old pants and left over sewing materials. No pattern, completely random. I'm into unplanned catastrophes.


Deb said...

Them Germans sure put the water faucets in a funny spot, huh? Oh, have I told you yet? Your Keane is so adorable...keep those pics acoming. Say how are ya' Sara? Any chance of there being another little cutie pants in the family someday?

Wild Ghese said...

well, it's not like we are not trying, I'll just put it that way. We aren't getting any younger.

Kara said...

Love the blue and brown together!

Keane is so darn cute. Pretty soon you'll be posting pictures of his first hair cut... they get big too fast! My kids didn't do much crawling, it sounds like he'll be the same way.

party of eight said...

really??? oh man! that is exciting... (i would cry if i was pregnant right now...)