05 November 2008

What to post?

I'm sort of out of the loop out here, in Bratwurstland.

I lost, or threw away, my absentee application, so I was unable to vote. I know, boo, hiss, boo, however, I think that my perspective on the elections have changed since the last time. Living in a foreign country, you see just how prosperous and secluded Americans are, in general. Having been to India, I've seen poverty at it's peak, or depth. Living in Germany, I serve my family in a mostly socialist country (yes, it frustrates me). I have to deal with it. Just like Christians in the states would have to deal with it, if our government went south.

This is a confession I need to make. I came to Germany as an American Christian. I didn't know how much I relied on my status, or how much I found security in being an American, until I found myself a foreigner. It's very true, most of the world does not like Americans. As fickle as the world is though, that could all change. The point is, I had to come and am still coming to the realization that apart from Christ, there is nothing. No governments, no cities, no places of business, no bakeries, no people, no breath. "In Christ alone my hope is found. He is my rock, my strength, my song." I am a Christian in India, in Germany, and in CA. I'm a Christian, full stop.

I think that prior to living here, I knew that in my head, but God has really proved it to my heart and is proving it. I know I married an Indian for a reason. To show me my home is in heaven.


Kelly Glupker said...

Great post! Thank you for the reminders.

Katie Barker said...

Good thoughts. I appreciate them!

Kara said...

For not knowing what to post, that sure gave me lots of things to think about! I appreciated it, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
what is in your opinion a "socialist country"?! I was surprised about that expression and looked it up at wikipedia. I can advise you to do that as well.
And: what exactly frustrates you?

Wild Ghese said...

all the paperwork! over in the states, you don't have to ask permission to sell your house, or wait ten years, or let's see....just general regulation of EVERYTHING! For an American, it's hard to swallow, but if you've always done it that way, you've always done it that way.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I got the same helpless and "not be welcome" feeling when I passed the US customs. Maybe it´s really like that: you´re not used to it. But to make the feeling easier for you - it´s not more "paperwork" because you´re a foreigner - it´s for everyone. (thinking about that "house-selling rules"...)

Wild Ghese said...

i should have left a smiley face above. I haven't lost heart. I'm here because God wants me here.

socialism would be great if one really trusted their government or if it was okay not to expect to much out of life.

I know that sounds bad, but socialism spreads the wealth, therefore, it takes away wealth from those that earned it (Germany has a roughly 50% income tax). I guess I should say that I'm not for welfare either.

There's a proverb that says "those that don't work, shouldn't eat."