28 November 2008


We have had a great year in the Lord! We all have, no matter what, if we know Christ. I'm reflecting on our new son, the measure of health he has given all of us, the roof over our heads, the food on our table, the peace in our hearts, the song on our lips, and the "joy like a fountain". Of course, we have had some difficulties this year, but they don't need to be reflected upon, only to give God glory for. He uses it to refine us.

He showed me over and over again this passed year that everything that comes into my life never takes Him by surprise, He already planned for it and planned a way through it, and He also brings meaning to it. How frustrating life would be if I thought that bad things were just happening for no good reason, or that it was my hopeless destiny, but He gives hope! He gives hope! I thought I needed to say that again.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Byrons, they are the family that we hope to help start a ministry in the Waldorf area. There is a lot of English speaking folks, for lack of a better term because of places like SAP, and John Deere. They are so nice and the food was great. We really felt quite at home. Keane just loved being with other kids.

We have left GIBC for personal reasons. We will miss the many friends that we made there. We struggled and prayed and doubted and prayed and the Lord showed us it was time to part ways. It's always to leave a church, and I know we felt sort of like "hardliners", but we just couldn't rest our conscience without cutting ties. The Lord has moved us. We praise Him for that! Now we press on toward the high calling of God, in Christ Jesus, as it were.

I've started Christmas decorating. Woo Hoo! Super simple. In fact, because of a lack of space we contemplated putting our tree outside. Yeah, ummm, that didn't last very long. John said, "Wouldn't it look nice with snow falling on it.....outside?" We'll get the indoor tree tomorrow. The Byrons are coming over to our house along with a few other friends to have some dessert. It's the first Advent Sunday, this Sunday, so maybe we'll sing some carols or something.....

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Karis said...

We seriously prayed about going to France for language school but the Lord directed us straight to Cameroon(Africa) (where we are working with a couple church planting here after we learn French of course) to learn French "on the ground." It didn't seem the ideal way to do it, but it was very clear that it was the way we were to go so as so often happens with the Lord, we followed a way that we didn't expect to go.

You can still come visit us if you want to, though!

I was so glad to hear that you had a blessed Thanksgiving.