14 November 2008

Songs and Such

I figured out how to share my (really God's) songs with others. I need to get some details if you want to upload them. Deb Paul requested that I write some kids songs, and it's in the mix. They are just not mixed yet, if you know what I mean, in fact the ingredients are not in the blender. In short, I still have to record them.

Here's the story- I recorded Wait on Him in 1999. I was transitioning from Pensacola Christian College to Northland. One of the songs on there, just so I give credit where credit is due, was written by Crystal George (I "wrote" the music). It's called "The Stand".

Temple Restored will hopefully be up and coming, if I can find a good place and get all the songs in order. I would like to add a few instruments, so I'm waiting on the Lord for that one. The songs for this CD on the side take awhile to come up because they are not edited. Don't fall asleep, they're on there.

My desire is to return to school and study music for real! Take theory online, that sort of thing. I am in dire need of some composition skills. You might pray for that. Before I got married I did a little concert, recital, if you will, complete with foreign languages and opera. I don't think that that is all that God has for me, again, please, when you think about Sara, guitars, and singing, pray for me. I understand if that is never.

Here's a fun little video of my son stuck under our chair.


Michael Strohm said...

Cute dining set,
Oh, and cute kid, too!!!

MajorScoop said...

GREAT SONGS! I want a CD!!!

Wild Ghese said...

ummm....I'll get on that. I have to figure out how I can give you access, if you're serious. :)

Katie Barker said...

I been sitting here grading my ESL students work and have really enjoyed listening and meditating through your songs! I've listened through each of them a couple times now. I'm definitely interested in the CD.... do keep us all posted on what you develop.

Wild Ghese said...

I need your emails.