24 November 2008

Not Crawling, Scooting

These were the pictures that were appropriate for public viewing, of my naked baby.

He is over 20 pounds. I've lost track. I'm not even the mom that is faithful with the 1st baby book and neglects the rest. I can't even count myself in that crowd. Though, I have started. My life is all about projects.

I was doing okay with the fact that Keane wasn't crawling. I was just chalking it up, as being unmotivated by older brothers and sisters. Than my friend Jamie's son, Dane, who is two months younger than Keane, and is the 1st born, started crawling. All excuses collapsed.

No, Keane is not crawling. He scoots around on his butt and contemplates getting on his knees, but doesn't do it. He is very much like his mom and dad in his thinking that these things should come naturally. My dad took me skiing when I was 6. I fell loose like a limp noodle and he had to drag me down the Mt. My mom said I probably saw what seemed to me, people gliding down the Mt. effortlessly and I thought it should be done that way. Well, okay, but how do you explain college taking me 10 years? I'm slow and scatterbrained. Bad combination. What takes people 5 minutes to do, could take me a half hour. Like making the bed, for example, 1 minute job? Nope, you have to count the amount of times I run cups left around the house to the kitchen, putting Keane's toys back in the basket, adding a thought to this post, cleaning Keane's diaper waste bin, so now you know what I should be doing.

I can never understand those people that run around with a million things on their plate, managing all of life in the McDonald's drive through, on their way to the next million things they have to do, and they manage to do them! Laundry overwhelms me, and it doesn't always get done. John, on the other hand, thinks weeds should come out of the ground by themselves (lol). He claims he'll never do yard work, but he doesn't know I'm praying, "Lord teach your unmotivated Ghese."


Karis said...

My speech class friend from oh so many years ago.... you crack me up just like you did when I was oh so nervous in speech class as a freshman when you seemed ever so relaxed. (I still couldn't believe it when we both then ended up at NBBC -- what a small world)

It's been fun to peek in at your blog every now and then. I decided I needed to comment today because I know like comments on my blog especially now that I'm living overseas and my life is so different so I thought maybe you would enjoy a comment. Then again, maybe I'm just putting off my French study.

Wild Ghese said...

you're in France!? I guessed by the study of French, unless you're in the Ivory Coast, then my hopes would be dashed. When are we going to get together?

Kelly Glupker said...

If it makes you feel any better, Owen is almost 15 months old and he doesn't crawl either. :) This weekend he ALMOST crawled. I think he'll get it any day now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,

Just like you and every other kid in the world, Keane will crawl when he is ready, walk when he is ready, talk when he is ready and read when he is ready...and not one day before! You didn't start crawling and walking until you were older for the same reason as Keane...you were a big baby, it took more muscle for you to move, it takes more time for the muscle to grow, it takes more time to get ready to crawl. Keane will when he is ready. Enjoy the time you have before he takes off! :) Love ya' Liz

Carmen said...

Hi Sara :) A friend told me that no kid has ever gone to school carried by its mother :) Maybe he skips crawling and will stand on his feet some time. you never know.

With respect to getting things done: it relieves me to read, that I am not the only person who feels that way. I am working on focusing on the important things in live... which is though, cause I want the laundry done and some warm food on the plate ...
Hugs, Carmen

Amanda said...

I can't help but notice you need to lower the bed. Looks like as soon as he can get his leg up he'll be over!!

that was meant to be spoken in love. Do you feel the love?

Wild Ghese said...

yeah, I felt the love. We did. My mom was sharing some love too.
We had every intention, then I said, :) "John..... really." I came home Monday night and it was done.

Deb said...

Keane looks like a healthy, happy little guy. Unless you definitely think he's got a problem physically(pay attention to the mommy intuition when it comes to figuring that out) with his legs then I wouldn't worry about him crawling. He sure looks like he could pin somebody to the floor! Sides, one of my kids skipped crawling altogether and went straight to walking. He may take that route. I feel the way you do about all the details of life. How do you do it all? I don't know either. I struggle with that daily. There's got to be such a peace in just taking the time and enjoying your son and let secondary things be secondary things. Keep it simple, Sara. Do what needs to be done and let the rest go. And if you plan on having any more kids, it only gets more complicated in what you take on in your life and what you don't. Just remember, HIS yoke is EASY and His burden is LIGHT. I know this is long, one last thing...can't wait to hear what you have come up with for kid's songs. :)