21 November 2008

A Cat and 3 Kittens

Sugar gave birth. I kind of had to get over some bitterness, as a cat's gestation period is 60 days or something crazy like that, plus I didn't hear one complaint during her whole labor period (about 3 hours). That is a world apart from my experience of labor.

So, in case you're wondering what it is like, here's what happened. She started wandering around the house with drops of liquid coming from her back end (darker than urine) and meowing for no reason. She went for a Pamper's box behind Keane's dresser. No go. I had tried to show her the box I had prepared for her, and she wanted nothing to do with it, probably because it was downstairs in the basement.

I brought up the real box, put it behind our door (she was looking for a dark, secluded, safe place) and covered half of it with a towel, then discovered the heat was off in our room, so I turned it on. I put the Pampers box inside the other box and dumped her (gently) out of it on to the nice towel and newspaper. She went for that.

12:00 sharp, I have to feed Keane or the "alarm" goes off. So, Keane and I picnic-ed in our room. I was listening for wailing and gnashing of teeth, but only heard a couple of thumps on the side of the box. I looked in after feeding my little monster, and lo', 1 kitty. Sugar licked the membrane off, and waited for the afterbirth, when she was taking the after birth (and eating it) off the kitten she lifted the poor thing off the ground and the kitten was wailing.

This process went on for three hours, the kittens were really widely spaced apart. I don't know what it's like having twins or triplets, but is the wait between them long???? Anywho, the black one was the last one, and I thought she might neglect it, because she wasn't feeding it right away or cleaning it. She was just tired though, and cared for it like she did her other ones. She is a great mama and hasn't left the box for 24 hours. She also hasn't stopped purring I had nice background sound to my sleep last night.


Kara said...

Awwww! It's like you're a grandma now! I have never seen an animal give birth in real life. My brother told me before I had Anna that he would bring the winch over if I had trouble getting her out. He's a dairy farmer and so so sensitive.

party of eight said...

wow, congratulations!

MajorScoop said...

That's nuts. I think its cute that she has been purring since the birth.