28 October 2008

Post 4- Rubber Trees

In 1948, Grandpa Mathai John bought 25 acres of rubber trees for 1000 rupies. There is some historical background to add here. That same year, England occupation of India was disintegrating, thanks to Mahatma Ghandi, and the Kerala kings were told to find another job. This is the background in which Grandpa bought this acreage. When he died in 1966, he divided the land among his 5 sons, as is the custom. The girls are given dowrys and sent to the husband's family. John and his brother were told not to ask for dowries. Side note- Keane is a Pannikkamattu, but not his cousin Josh, who is the son of Jessie, John's sister.

This is what tapping looks like. The blue tarp stuff is to keep the rain off.

Your tires, hanging out to dry.

One of Grandpa John's (John's Dad) workers.

John's dad lives about 40 minutes from his trees. Now that all of his brothers are gone, he has to look after all of the land. Kind of difficult for someone in his condition, but he does it faithfully. These workers sometimes see an opportunity to swindle Dad. John's Dad is no dummy, so he eventually finds out, but you might pray for these difficulties. He can't just fire them. You have to always break ties in good standing, or it might come back to bite you. These guys all belong to a union.

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Amanda said...

I was going to ask you how much you understand of what they are saying.

This is funny b/c yesterday I was reading a book "why?" it has lots of answers about crazy things like who invented corn flakes etc. and I read that tires come form trees! HUh? Now I can believe b/c I saw it! SO cool! I hope you are feeling better now!