26 October 2008

Post 3 Hangin' Out

Uppacha and Keane.
When we arrived, like I said before, Uppacha just got out of the hospital. John said he had never seen him so thin. John's Uncle, Uppacha's last brother, recently passed away. So, it's no surprise that Papa feels alone in the world. However, by the time we left, with a little grandson help and nourishment in the form of German chocolate, Uppacha had gained 2 kilos (4+ pounds)! John said he had never seen his dad play with a grandkid that much. We were glad to bring the remedy in form of an 8 month old.

Here he is, on his play mat. He adjusted quite well. In contrast to last time, we had a pretty laid back time. There wasn't all the visiting that needed to be done. We just hung around, which is what the Grandparents wanted most. We shopped and left Keane with Grandma (which was nice), had great Indian food, and my favorite, chai. I could drink it all day long.

We went to Fort Kochin 1 time to visit John's Uncle (Mama's brother). He owns a hotel of sorts, that he runs with his family. This was the place Mama was born, but the house was torn down.

The Family
Keane and his 2nd cousin
Journal- "I haven't been very faithful with writing in my journal since I've been here. The dynamics have changed since the last time. His name is Keane. This trip has been really low key. We haven't been doing all the traveling, like last time, or all the shopping. Most of our visitors have come here, which is wonderful. Keane looks like he got in a fight with a few mosquitos and lost. He has 5 bites on one arm. I'm afraid if I started counting, I'd get really upset. He also has a cold, and his nose sounds awful. We are faithfully putting saline up his nose, which he hates. Poor kid.
I don't really sleep soundly, 'cause I watch him. All these fans, which are necessary to run just make it worse. The Lord knows.....
Last night John sprayed our room with bug spray and got a little carried away. I was pretty upset with him, but tried to remember he was thinking of our son. It stunk really badly like poison, but we had no place else to sleep unless we wanted to roast. This morning I woke up feeling like I had smoked 12 pack of cigarettes. Once again I'm reminded, God is in control."

Just kickin' it. I finally convince Keane to give me a kiss, below.

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