29 October 2008

Last One of India- until next time we go.

Journal- "I saw a sign- an advertisement today that read 'Life. Keep it simple.' I thought of the irony of that sign. Consisting of a beautiful model in fashion trendy clothes- in want for nothing, cascading over poverty, the likes the outside western world never sees. Working men unable to afford a bottle of water, being told to 'keep it simple'. It made me want to laugh."

Sometimes the contrast of rich and poor in India gets to people, and they can't stay any longer than the two weeks allotted for vacation.

This is a picture of the late King of Kochin's home. We were not suppose to take pictures, but I found out a little late.

I have nothing else to say about the poverty- it's reality, it hangs ever presently without relief. Either you can deal with the filthy rich next to abject poverty or you can't. The only place I find hope is that God knows each and every person and all things will work to glorify Himself in the end.
Amy, our niece. She is getting so big! We got to hang out with John's sister's family again, just like last time, in the UAE. Good fun! Next time I want to stay a week in Dubai. There is so much to see.

Real dates.
Nephew Josh, with Keane.
One video of Josh given Keane a rub down and the other is of our niece, Hannah, playing Wii.

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