25 September 2008

We Leave for India, today, and I've got a Praise!

These were taken on our way out the door to get passport pictures taken (again) of Keane for his German residency permit.

We leave tonight for Germany (our flight leaves at 11:00 p.m.!) We'll be gone for 3 weeks. I'll be taking lots of pictures, for sure. My last trip journal is still in the archives.

Here's the praise story. I have to start by saying that I hate flying. Anyway, we were looking into getting Keane a traveling high chair, for the States as well, but we ordered it late. We ordered it on Sunday and the website said that it would take 5 working days to get here. It's only Thursday for the time management deprived.

I said to John, this is the way God is going to show faithless me, that He is going to take care of us and that our plane won't drop out of the sky (I really hate flying). All week I have just been wondering what God would do. Last night I had no peace, dreamed of awful things like kidnapping (with the way our world is), etc.

From John side, he received a notice with the order confirmation that we would receive the chair between the 26th - 1st of October. Again, it's the 25th for the time management challenged. He prayed to the Lord- "you know we need this"- Your will be done!

Guess what I have in my hot little hands?????? Keane's travel high chair!

Trying it out. He really did to. He flipped over the side and it held him up! I found him screaming and dangle when I looked back from making his lunch.


Kara said...

Well isn't that a cute little chair? So glad you got it in time for your trip. Since you don't like to fly I'll pray that your plane doesn't drop out of the sky and that you'll have peace of mind while you are in the air. Happy travels!

party of eight said...

can't wait to hear about your trip. miss you!