17 September 2008


See those TWO teeth.
He has been teething forever. I heard, and of course you never know, that the longer it takes for the teeth to break through, the healthier they are. I can always hope! I actually am praying about his teeth.

I was at a MOPS steering team meeting this past Saturday. Has anyone ever been the Moppets person? I need some tips. I have some ideas, but I am a little overwhelmed.

Anyway, I was gone all day, but Daddy did a great job and took these blue pictures. I guess he thought Keane was getting cold, because when I came home he had red tight pants on with this shirt. I thought, "What is he wearing???"


Kara said...

Oh girl, you do have a big job if you are the Moppets person! Our MOPS group has around 20 gals at each meeting, I'm not even sure how many kids that makes... anyway, you'll do a great job! I'm sure they'll appreciate any ideas you have.

Shyla said...

well, owen must be a picture of health b/c he's THIRTEEN MONTHS and has nary a tooth!! :P

Keane's a cutie!!

Wild Ghese said...

he's gonna have choppers like concrete. :) we can hope anyway