23 September 2008

Munich and India

All of our first times at a Hard Rock Cafe.

What do the two have in common? Well, if you are an American or any non Indian national and you live in Germany, you have to go to Munich (or wait 4 weeks for the snail mail) to get a visa to go to India. So Daddy, Mama, and Keane went to Munich last Friday to get our visas (mommy and keane's).

John's Uncle died recently along with his cousin's husband. She lost her dad and her husband in the span of two days. John's dad is the only brother left. I think there were 5 brothers altogether. Well, yesterday, John found out that his dad has been admitted to the hospital. Please pray for him.

Instead of leaving on Friday and going out for two weeks, we are going out there for 3. Please pray for us, as well, and pray that we can be helpful to John's mom, and that Keane will be a little blessing for them, whom they have not seen.

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Amanda said...

Life is really tough sometimes! I'll be praying for you.