01 September 2008

Modern Day Noah

We stayed in a town called Lelystad in the Netherlands this last weekend. We were only there for one night, but it was a nice trip. The town is only 40 years old. This is how much water the town use to be under (the monument). We were actually standing that far below sea level.

Our mission was to see a modern day Ark, built by Johan Huibers. This Ark is not even 1/2 the size of the original, but it was really cool to see that something like what Noah did, is possible. Johan plans to build the real size in England.

This is the man, himself (above). John saw him get out of a car that just pulled up to the Ark (with life size elephants in the back) and said "I think that's the guy who built this, I'm going to go talk to him." I was thinking "Oh no! what if this guy is a jerk?" My heart breaks for John when he is met with cold shoulders of the ones he looks up to. Well.....this guy is awesome! He had a boldness and a fearlessness about him that was contagious. He told his great testimony about how this Ark happened. Though it was opposed on all sides, God made it happen!

I wish I had gotten the front of the boat in the picture above, man!

Enjoying the ride!

I guess they hire pirates a really young around here.

Terrible filming, sorry.

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Teresa said...

Awesome story and pics Sara and John.
Also great job Samantha on those B/W photos. How do you all take those great photos?

Teresa S.