27 August 2008

We are looking for You...


We are looking for someone who is interested in missions to Europe to sub-let our apartment for 6 months starting before Christmas 'til May. We have to be back to keep our residency. This is not for "free". We would like the sub-letter to pay, at least, half the rent. Keep in mind it's dollars to Euros. This person or family would stay in our house while we are gone and find out if the Lord has a ministry for them in Germany or Europe. We would also need you to take care of our cat, but that's a side note.

John is interested in going to seminary or working under a Pastor. He is looking for a mentor, someone that is willing to teach him and take him under his wing, so to speak, in spiritual things.

So, there you have it. Please spread it around and pray. Search your heart, ask the Lord, maybe it's You!

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